Tuesday, October 12, 2004

New lows...

I'm now writing emails to politicians. Hopefully Kerry will win, because if he doesn't win, I will most certainly be put on a list and will probably have difficulty returning to the US...

My email is as follows:

Dear Senator Kerry:

I am a registered voter in Hillsborough County, Florida, and I am currently living in Japan.

I wanted to let you know just how important it is that you win this election to those of us living overseas. When asked whether they plan on returning home, most of the Americans I know here say that it depends on the election. Never before [at least in my generation] has there been such a sense of shame associated with being an American.* It's a terrible thing to feel ashamed of your own country. It seems that I am not alone here in feeling that most of that shame is a direct result of the Bush Administration.

There are a lot of gaijin in Japan that are with you. We all sincerely hope the Bush Mistake is not repeated.

Good luck,

* Thought about mentioning the Iran-Contra episode here, but then thought better of it... That would just cloud the issue, and I think the shame is a tad bit greater now...


At 5:17 AM, Blogger ALinda said...

Glad to see your mood is still consistent.


At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran Contra indeed! I really wish that the Democrats were not so wimpy when it comes to politically sticking it to the Republicans. Don't get me wrong, I believe that the Democrats will do a much better job at homeland security AND maintain the precious civil liberties that make this country so great. I mean, please... Republicans can even close loopholes that allow terrorists to purchase ASSAULT WEAPONS at any back water gun show without a background check, in three years.
But yeah, if there were half the effort mustered to investigate Enron as there was for our last slime bag president with an intern... then Bush would have been impeached long ago. Not to mention KNOWINGLY lying to the american people and congress about WMD to depose a two bit failing dictator that posed NO threat to anyone. The money spent on that war could have covered social security until past 2075! I can't believe that Bush wants to privatize SS? Should the financial future of American's retirements be trusted to a man that caused the FAILURE of every multi-million dollar business he was handed on a silver plate, before destroying the fiscal and environmental standings as Governor of Texas?
Sometimes I wish that the democrats would bring up Iran Contra. Reports released by the CIA inspector general in the past few years have PROVED the accusations that the Kerry Congressional Committee made back in the 80's!! I guess that the democrats think that Americans can't handle the truth. Perhaps they are "right." because nobody wants to know that the CIA was working with cocaine smugglers to provide arms illegally to the Contras in Nicaragua. Wasn't it Ronald Regan who STARTED the "war on drugs." How many billions of dollars are still flushed down the toilet on that? And how many people involved in Iran Contra found jobs again when Bush the W. was elected? I just DON'T UNDERSTAND how anyone who calls themselves a conservative or a Republican could consider voting for Bush. Republicans are supposed to be for fiscal responsibility, smaller government influence in citizen affairs, and giving more control to the States as opposed to the Federal Government. Has he done a good job of doing that?
Guantamno bay is even WORSE than when we placed thousands of innocent Japanese into concentration camps. What kind of "uniter" and global leader breaks the GENEVA CONVENTIONS!!! By world law, Bush is legally a war criminal for his actions. And they are STILL ignoring the supreme court ruling in June that "Enemy Combatants" MUST be charged with SOMETHING!!! and not just held indefinitely with no representation. Sheesh, Isn't that something that Saddam would do?
Well... If I keep writing about this stuff my caps lock is likely to get stuck on. Your not alone in your shame or your hopes. E-mails are great, but hand written letters have a much more significant impact. I just mailed a couple yesterday.... keep the faith.

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Commie Pinko Creep! If you are so ashamed to be a American, then maybe you should stay there! Typical Kerry backer, someone who's ashamed to be an American. Just think what our life would be like if Kerry won?!? If Kerry had been President thre last few years, we'd still be cowering in our homes wondering when the next attack would come, or when Saddam might actually try to start a war with an attack on us or one of our allies. It's a whole new world since Sept. 11th. If you shake a sword at us and threaten us, then we take you out. That way we can sleep at night and let the others worry about what we'll do if they attack or threaten us. The only good thing is that if you're over there, then you can't vote over here!

At 3:20 AM, Blogger Jonathon said...

RE: "Commie Pinko Creep"
What are you? Like 1000 years old? Pinko? Do you even know what that means.

Let me point out that shame is one of those emotions, along with pride and desire that swings the moral compass of democracy. It keeps us from licking the shit off the walls of our toilet bowls.

As for war and shaking swords - this is not a war - it's a boondoggle for Bush and Cheney - and the rapidly destabilizing Saudi Royal Family government.

As for Kerry being a pussy - which is what you're implying - Who was doing lines off his flight log while Kerry was winning medals?

Also I'd like to point out that you are posting anonymously on a website, to a woman 6000 miles away.
Dude - you are festering boil on the cunt of the Republican Party.
My name is Jonathon Townley - and I approved this message. Shake your sword at me, bub.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Zeke said...

Preach ON, brother man!

I couldn't have dreamed of saying it any better, Jonathan!

Tom Z.

At 3:14 AM, Blogger JennyCheri said...

Wow jen! Sounds like you have yourself a debate going on here!


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